Supportability Analysis

  • bProduct Tree Definition
  • bConfiguration Data preparation
  • bConfiguration Auditing
  • bRAMT (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Testability) studies and report
  • bFMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Critical Analysis)
  • bRCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
  • bDesign Support (Maintainability spaces/removal route/safety human factors verification)

Material Provisioning

  • bRecommended Provisioning Lists (RPL) – calculation (preventive and corrective)
  • bILLI (insurance & Long Lead Items) definition
  • bIllustrated Parts Catalogues (IPC)


  • bTraining Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • bOperational & Maintenance Training Management
  • bShip Crew Readiness Training
  • bILS Training

LSA (Logistic Support Analysis)

  • bConfiguration Data Consolidation
  • bMaintenance Task Identification (MTI)
  • bMaintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
  • bLORA (Level Of Repairability Analysis)

Technical Documentation IETP

  • bOperation & Maintenance Manuals
  • bJob Instruction Cards (for maintenance execution)
  • bOperator’s Pocket Handbooks
  • bSafety Documentation
  • bStart-Up/Shut Down Cards

Software Support

  • bCustomization of batch input files for data uploading on Customer ERP
  • bCommon Source Data Base (CSDB)
  • bIntegrated Documentation Management System (IDMS)


  • bPackaging as per military standards
  • bLabelling as per military standards


  • b+971 (2) 6223336