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TLDM … the right solution for assuring the operational requirements of your assets!

The main target of IRIDIUM’s Through Life Data Management (TLDM) philosophy is to reach an effective REDUCTION of the LIFE COSTS of your assets, increasing the operational readiness, especially in the military field.

A Long-Term Data Management ensures that reliable, up-to-date DATA is always used to drive decisions, in the most effective way.

Strong of a complete, standardized ILS set of data, TLDM philosophy is the right solution to support your operations and your maintenance execution, assuring:

  • ZIncrease of productivity
  • ZCost efficiency
  • ZOperational nimbleness
  • ZAccurate decisions in a faster way
  • ZReduction of data loss
  • ZIncrease of data security

Configuration Management

  • bConfiguration Status Accounting
  • bChange Management (ECP/RFV)
  • bConfiguration Verification
  • bChange Implementation

Obsolescence Management

  • bPRO-ACTIVE Strategy (PAS) implementation
  • bRE-ACTIVE Strategy (RS) implementation
  • bReporting

Maintenance Management

  • bOptimization of resources allocation
  • bMaintenance requirements analysis
  • bPlanning
  • bMaintenance executor performance monitoring – KPI strategy implementation
  • bWork Order management
  • bWarranty Contract management
  • bFRACAS (Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Actions System)
  • bWorkshop design

Inventory Management

  • bProcurement Strategy Implementation:
  • bProcurement Processes Review
  • bVendors Network Optimization (OEM Management)
  • bContract Digitization
  • bInventory Analysis (IA)
  • bInventory Indicators Monitoring ( IIM)
  • bAccuracy of Inventory Holding ( AIH)
  • bForecasting

Warehouse Management

  • b Warehouse Management System Implementation
  • bDaily management of warehouse data and processes
  • bHuman Capital (if required)
  • bWarehouse design

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