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Support of the supply chain is important in ensuring that the company’s production process runs smoothly and efficiently. The careful analysis of the supply chain parameters is done to identify key performance drivers. After identification of these key elements, optimization is carried out to enhance quality and efficiency.

At Iridium Services and Logistics Consultancy, we understand and appreciate the critical role played by supply support in the success of a project. That is why we have a team of dedicated supply chain experts with an extensive experience in the field. Our experts understand the essential components of an efficient supply system, which means that we can assist you optimize supply and create a reliable strategy for:

  •  Identifying and analyzing spares, as well as calculation of their associated costs
  • Procuring supplies with a view of minimizing cost
  • Insurance and long lead identification and generation
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management

We help all our clients identify and manage these factors that are critical to the success of business objectives at an early stage, thus guaranteeing that such factors are considered and implemented appropriately. Ultimately, the cost of obtaining and managing supply sources must be outweighed by enhanced efficiency of procurement as well as increased availability.

We provide a wide array of supply support services to clients in various industries such as defence, commercial, aviation and construction. We have a combination of experience and expertise in delivering supply support services to customers around the globe. We have supported numerous clients, from small, mid-sized to large scale businesses in streamlining their supply chains and optimising operations. Iridium Services and Logistics Consultancy guarantees workable solutions customised to each client’s unique needs. We do not compromise on the quality and efficiency of services rendered to our clients because that is our guiding principle. If you are looking for a supply support partner for your business, then you have come to the right place. For more inquiries send us an email to