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Computers are useful tools for operating and maintaining business systems. Traditionally, logistics support services have been focused on hardware, with most service providers only offering computer hardware maintenance services. Computer hardware problems are normally easy to fix because they are associated with physical components, which makes it easier to identify such issues. But software is different. It is much more challenging to identify and carry out repair and maintenance tasks on software once they fail or break down because they have no physical components. Software support services are therefore critical in ensuring that business systems run as intended.

Software support services are aimed at providing break/fix services or general technical support for particular software products. They can be categorised into long-term technical support agreements between businesses and service providers or a simple incidence-based support system. Software support is offered at various stages of business operation, ranging from installation services for new products, product updates, migration from one product ecosystem to another to troubleshooting and maintenance services.

Right from the moment a decision is made to purchase a certain software product, support is necessary to ensure ­the appropriate product is acquired and optimised to enhance performance and productivity. The wrong decision may result in failure, an eventuality that should be avoided at all costs. As the first Integrated Logistics Support company of its kind to be incorporated in Abu Dhabi, Iridium Engineering prides itself in providing quality software support services to our clients. We are strongly committed to providing customised integrated solutions that enhance the efficiency of software products. We offer software support services in terms of:

  • ERP population
  •  Warehouse management system
  •  Documentation management system
  •  Facility management system
  • We help our clients plan for and deploy quality software systems by offering expert advice for making informed decisions. Our services are aimed at striking a perfect balance between supportability and performance, thereby enhancing productivity. Email us today at and find out how we can be of service to your business.