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Before products are supplied to the market or delivered to clients, they have t be appropriately to enhance their appeal. Proper handling, packaging, storage and transportation ensures that products maintain their good qualities. And a proper analysis and monitoring of the best way to handle these products so as to increase efficiency is desirable for minimizing cost.

Partnering with an Integrated Logistics Support company like Iridium Engineering will help a great deal in streamlining the packaging, handling, storage and transportation aspects of the product development life cycle. We are a company specialized in asset management, with a highly trained and motivated staff willing to do our best in meeting all your PHST needs. We help you to:

  1. Develop and implement the best packaging handling, storage and transportation (PHST) plan. Every client we work with is unique in terms of their PHST needs. That’s why our approach to each of the projects we work on is unique. We seek to consult with the client so as to develop and implement a PHST strategy that is customized to their unique circumstances. This includes optimizing the aspects of PHST that ensures that products are delivered to the market in a pristine condition. We also help in developing critical design characteristics and constraints to guide the production process.
  2. Package and label your products as per MIL-STDs. Every market segment has stringent requirements for packaging and labeling of products. We help our clients identify these standards and implement them. Packaging and labelling optimization is done according to the existing MIL-STDS.

We are guided by the desire to optimise all our customers’ business operations. We therefore seek to maximise efficiency while minimising cost as much as possible. We aim to be your reliable partner in your endeavour to enhance the productivity of your company. Get in touch with us today via for consultations and further inquiries. Enjoy the assurance of having an expert team work on your PHST needs.