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Integrated Logistic Support in Middle East

Middle Eastern companies, just like their global counterparts, require Integrated Logistic Support to be able to streamline their functions and minimize operating costs. In this regard, ILS can is critical to business success. Although the ILS concept is fairly new to the Middle East, many companies have embraced it after realizing the benefits they stand to gain from its application. And the results are evident to all: those that have implemented this principle have experienced phenomenal growth.

Why is ILS essential to contractors and service providers?

Contractors and service providers need to carefully consider ILS’s requirements in providing goods and services to their clients. ILS Industry support helps contractors to obtain and operationalize machine systems over their entire life cycles at the greatest operational availability. Consequently, this allows them to achieve the best total cost of ownership (TCO) for their clients. In essence, this ensures that service providers and contractors are viewed positively by their clients because they deliver equipment and their supporting documentation without continuous rework or unnecessary duplication of effort. Through Life Support for equipment and services makes ILS industry support more lucrative than original equipment acquisition.

Integrated Logistics Support Services

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is a comprehensive strategy that seeks to streamline all aspects of business operations, focusing on enhancing efficiency and minimizing operating costs. ILS industry support services fall into ten distinct areas. They include:

  1. Maintenance support
  2. Training support
  3. Facilities management
  4. Personnel (human factors)
  5. Packaging, handling, storage, and transport (PHS & T)
  6. Engineering support
  7. Supply support
  8. Computer support
  9. Support and test equipment
  10. Technical documentation

Why is ILS Important to Defense?

The Defense Force is one of the industries in which integrated logistics support is critical for success. Because players in this field deal with huge contracts involving multiple machine systems that need optimization for success, ILS industry support is a foundational requirement. Defense machinery and systems are mission-critical and need optimization for deployment at very short notice. As a result, system design, acquisition of equipment, and Through Life Support, including the disposal of obsolete equipment, is necessary. ILS, therefore, plays a role in ensuring that the right equipment, in their most optimum condition, is delivered to the right place and person at the right time. The stated operating conditions should be met by the equipment supplied as per the designed mission brief, something that ILS helps to achieve.

How do you perform ILS?

The objectives of integrated logistics support are achieved by carrying out a Logistic Support Analysis (LSA). This analysis is conducted throughout the material life cycle (MLC), and it yields the data required to improve support and enhance the efficiency of material systems. The data obtained from LSA is kept in the Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR). LSA is carried out under the following disciplines:

  • Reliability centered maintenance
  • Reliability, availability, and maintainability
  • Level of repair analysis
  • Failure modes, effects, and critical analysis
  • Verification and validation
  • Life cycle costing analysis

IRIDIUM Engineering

IRIDIUM Engineering – Assets Management Consultancy is a Middle East industry support company that provides Integrated Logistic Support services to various clients, including those in the defense industry. IRIDIUM is committed to delivering outstanding ILS support services that meet clients’ needs while maintaining the highest industry standards.


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