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Cost is one of the major considerations in setting up a business operation. If the cost of setting up and operating a business is high, then it acts as a deterrent for business owners who would wish to enter the market. Because business resources are usually scarce, its important to optimize costs in such a way that the best use is made of the available resources. Project costs that are not monitored and optimized over the life cycle of the project are bound to get out of hand, thereby rendering the project unviable.

As the first company incorporated in the Middle East to offer Through Life Data Management (TLDM) and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Iridium Services and Logistics Consultancy is the partner of choice for life cycle cost optimization. We work with both established businesses and startups to offer the following services:

  1. Initial life cycle cost calculation: We help our clients calculate the initial costs associated with beginning a project, thereby determining its viability.
  2. Optimization of life cycle cost: Once all the life cycle costs have been identified and analyzed, we help optimize them so as to enhance quality and efficiency while keeping the costs at a minimum acceptable level.
  3. LCC monitoring: During the project life cycle, its crucial to monitor costs to ensure they don’t get out of hand. Our LCC monitoring tools and teams are designed in such a way that they integrate seamlessly into your company operations.

The evaluation of through life costs associated with engineering decision implementation, maintenance and conduct of business operations is important for identifying cost drivers, informing decisionmakers and generating strategies aimed at minimizing these costs. With a combined team experience spanning more than 30 years in the logistics support industry, we believe that we are the best partner to have handling your life cycle cost management.

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