IRIDIUM Engineering – Assets Management Consultancy Announces ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) and TLS (Through Life Support) services in the Middle East

 ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) and TLS (Through Life Support) services in the Middle East

IRIDIUM Engineering Assets Management Consultancy, has announced affordable Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Through Life Support (TLS) services in the Middle East.

As the first company in the Middle East to specialize in Integrated Logistics Support and Through Life Data Management, IRIDIUM believes their services are a fresh breath in the industry, especially when businesses are staring at unprecedented losses occasioned by Covid-19 and government lockdowns implemented across the globe.

The services aim to help businesses, both large and small, streamline their operations by adopting best business practices in their specialization areas. The primary objective is to lower operating costs while enhancing production efficiency, a development goal for every business executive. The services on offer include:

  1. Supportability analysis
  2. Maintenance support
  3. Supply support
  4. Obsolescence management
  5. Packaging, handling storage and transportation (PHST)
  6. Technical documentation
  7. Training and training support
  8. Lifecycle cost management
  9. Human factors management
  10. Software support
  11. Facilities management
  12. Configuration management

Being the first company of its kind in the region speaks volumes about the nature of business operations in the United Arab Emirates. Most organizations are yet to implement strategies that ensure efficient operating systems have been installed, thereby guaranteeing value for money. Therefore, many business owners find their organizations performing dismally in the face of fierce competition from international corporations. IRIDIUM hopes, and indeed plans, to change this narrative. As a trailblazer in the industry, IRIDIUM Engineering has crafted a set of solutions intended to turn home-grown and international corporations’ fortunes by implementing Integrated Logistic Support and Through Life Support.

“With our services,” commented Hmood Al Shkeili, IRIDIUM’s Chief Operations Officer, “company executives can finally reduce costs of business operations and enhance productivity at the same time. Consequently, profitability will be assured even for organizations that were at risk of going under. Our ILS services will help you analyze your business operations to eliminate wasteful and outdated models and replace them with modern, efficient ones,” he said.

“The tendency for most business executives to go with the flow rather than adopt deliberate planning in the area of business logistics is inexcusable in this day and age when planning tools are readily available. There’s hardly any success in business that comes as a result of luck. Every success, every victory has to be planned for and worked for. By offering both ILS and TLS services at affordable rates, IRIDIUM Engineering has effectively positioned itself as the strategic partner for business success,” noted Francesca Colonnata, the Engineering and Operations Director.

About IRIDIUM Engineering:

IRIDIUM Engineering is the first-ever incorporated company in the United Arab Emirates to offer Integrated Logistic Support and Through Life Data Management. It was established in 2018 and currently has its headquarters in Addax Office Tower, Abu Dhabi. The company prides itself in providing solutions that strike a perfect balance between technical competencies and business skills. Their portfolio includes services rendered to clients in the defense, construction, commercial and maritime industries, helping them reduce costs while simultaneously enhancing efficiency.


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