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Goals of ILS:

  • ZAchieve lowest cost of ownership
  • ZInfluence design decisions to improve supportability and support
  • ZIdentify and Limit Cost and Support Drivers
  • ZIdentify and Develop Support Resources

Supportability Analysis

  • bProduct Tree Definition
  • bConfiguration Data preparation
  • bConfiguration Auditing
  • bRAMT (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Testability) studies and report
  • bFMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Critical Analysis)
  • bRCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
  • bDesign Support (Maintainability spaces/removal route/safety human factors verification)

LSA (Logistic Support Analysis)

  • bConfiguration Data Consolidation
  • bMaintenance Task Identification (MTI)
  • bMaintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
  • bLORA (Level Of Repairability Analysis)

Technical Authoring (IETP)

  • bOperation & Maintenance Technical Manuals
  • bJob Instruction Cards (for maintenance execution)
  • bOperator’s Pocket Handbooks
  • bSafety Documentation
  • bStart-Up/Shut Down Cards
  • b Illustrated Spare Parts Catalogues (ISPC)

Material Provisioning

  • bRecommended Provisioning Lists (RPL) – calculation (preventive and corrective)
  • bILLI (insurance & Long Lead Items) definition
  • bMaterial Procurement

PHST Manual

  • bPackaging as per military standards
  • bLabelling as per military standards
  • bArrangement Studies of the materials onboard of ship


  • bTraining Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • bOperational & Maintenance Training Management
  • bShip Crew Readiness Training
  • bILS Training

Integrated Documentation Management System (IDMS)

IDMS is an Integrated Documentation Management System designed and developed by IRIDIUM with the main purpose of supporting the End User with an “user-friendly” application which will facilitate the documentation consultation and will reduce the costs for future updating and will eliminate the need for printing.

IDMS has been designed for running on tablet devices; on request, it can be ported on MS Windows Desktops.


  • bTechnical review of ILS proposal provided by third parties
  • bTechnical review of specific ILS deliverables on request of Customer
  • bTechnical support during ILS contract finalizations
  • bManagement of ILS Projects

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