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All systems designed by humans are bound to fail at one point or another. This is as a result of the susceptibility to failure inherent in human beings. A business owner who understands this will therefore set up their operations in such a way that they account for this. Human factors such as fatigue, carelessness, ignorance and, sometimes, pure malice, constitute some of the risk factors to be taken into consideration in optimizing operations. These risks end up affecting the performance and efficiency of an organisation and should therefore be evaluated and mitigated as much as possible.

Just like any other aspect of integrated logistics support framework, identifying and assessment of possible risks needs to be done early in order to prepare appropriate response strategies. Workplace safety needs to be enhanced by minimizing the risks associated with human behaviour. This is achieved by carrying out:

  1. Safety and residual risk analysis: Residual risk refers to the risk that remains after all the mitigating measures have been implemented. It’s not possible to completely eliminate risk from an operation. However, a policy to reduce such risks and their impact as much as possible should be adopted. An analysis of the safety risks helps establish which residual risks exist and when they are likely to occur.

2. Ergonomic analysis: Ergonomics is the study of workers in relation to their working environment in an effort to reduce risks and enhance their productivity. An ergonomic analysis is carried out to identify ergonomic risks and implement strategies that will improve the working environment for both workers and machines.

Ergonomics and safety and residual risk analyses are processes that normally occur on an ongoing basis. Working with a reputable integrated logistics support firm is one way of making this process as smooth as possible. Iridium Engineering offers both ergonomic and safety and residual risk analysis to help our clients manage the human aspect of business operations. We will help you develop a plan for identifying and managing human factors in the workplace so that you are not caught off-guard when they do occur.

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