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The size and type of facilities a business owns is usually limited by space and cost. This is why the existing facilities need to be managed effectively to guarantee their productivity. Facilities logistics management is critical for enhancing business performance while minimizing costs. Since facilities and structures are necessary for business operations, their proper management will ensure that they function as is required.

As an integrated logistics support service provider, Iridium Engineering- assets management & Logistics aims to be the company of choice for clients in need of ILS services. We believe that you should not have to struggle with the management of facilities and premises in multiple locations while neglecting your other equally crucial roles. Let’s handle this aspect of your business so that you are freed to handle other matters.

We work with our clients to help them develop a comprehensive plan for utilizing as well as modifying the existing facilities to fit the current need. We also offer support in analyzing and determining the impact of such parameters as space, location, environment and security of facilities on other elements of production. Our services include:

  1. Facility management: This service deals with the existing facilities. We help you develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the best possible use of the available facilities. This will make it possible to optimize such structures to enhance their performance.
  2. Digital construction (BIM): Where there is need to construct new facilities, technology is usually useful in making this process fast and seamless. Our services in this aspect includes the management of digital construction data, including proprietary building plans and files. We work with you to come up with building information models (BIMs) which are detailed, workable and customizable as well.

We are committed to providing quality services that will guarantee our clients satisfaction. That is why our team consists of the best and most qualified professionals in their respective fields. Get in touch with us today via info@iridiumils.com for consultations and further inquiries. Find out how we can help your business manage and optimize your facilities