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You will be hard-pressed to find a business company these days that does not apply computer systems for business operations in one form or another. In fact, computer systems have made business operations so efficient that it is practically impossible to do without them. Configuration management refers to the appropriate configuration of computer systems, servers, system resources and other components to create an efficient system. It is also known as IT automation. Automation serves the purpose of providing checks to remove redundancies, thereby reducing or eliminating altogether the risk of human error negatively affecting key operation areas. Without automation, a simple mistake like forgetting to update a program, for instance, can leave the system susceptible to an attack. Automation is also useful for enhancing efficiency by simplifying the operation of large and complex systems.

Proper configuration of a company’s systems (operating systems, servers, networks, data centers, IT assets and others) is crucial for ensuring that they function well. Changes in system configurations, however minor, should be traceable so as to prevent breaches, leaks or outages. To minimize chances of such cybersecurity attacks happening, many businesses employ the services of a configuration management company to help them develop a configuration management strategy. Iridium Engineering is one such firm that specializes in configuration management solutions as part of our Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) package. We work with clients to help them develop and implement a configuration management plan that allows them to have stricter control over their systems and processes. Our deliverables include:

  •  Configuration Management Plan
  • Configuration Item Identification
  • Configuration Audit
  • Change / Variances Management
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